Social Media Marketing Services


Setting up, training and cultivating mindsets for a successful social media presence.


e live in the “Connected Era”, an era that is becoming more social every day. With Social Media R.O.I. being increased everyday, every business small or big should have a social media presence.

A solid social media strategy should be in place allowing for a strong presence in the networks that are important for each business separately. We are of the belief that social media accounts should be maintained by you because no one knows your customers and their needs better than you, so where can our social media marketing services help?


What we can do for you:

  • There are general networks like Facebook and Google+ and niche ones like LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest and Stack Overflow. Depending on your niche, we can help you decide what social channels you should be active in and try to build an audience.
  • We will create together with you, a strategy and promotional campaigns to help you gather a social media followership that will help you create the critical mass you need in order for your news stories to be able to go viral.
  • We will study your audience, helping you find the right frequency and time to post, making you messages “heard”.
  • We will provide you with tools to create contests and user engagement and together we will create a strategy as to how you will respond to your customer’s inquiries.
  • Last but not least, we will train your employees as to how they should promote and respond to your “Fans” making the whole experience as rewarding as possible for both sides.