Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

“Ranking well, where it matters the most.”


earch engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of getting a website to rank higher in the organic search engine results. It is said that SEO is the Holy Grail for businesses. If a website ranks well with the main keywords of its industry, then it has a great chance of increasing its profits.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is to remember not to just target the most popular keyword just because it will bring traffic eventually, but select keywords that can easily bring traffic from the get go and when the website becomes more powerful, move on to more competitive keywords. This helps tremendously because the web property that is being promoted, starts getting traffic even from the early stages of promotion.


What we can do for you:

[open_toggle title=”Niche &  Competition Analysis”]To begin optimizing a website and to have a positive effect in traffic, we first need to analyze the niche we’re going to dive into. Find out and evaluate the main competitors, see what methods of promotion they’re using and how, find out what links they have and how they were able to gather them, what they’re doing on social and generally speaking, study the competition and see how advanced they are in order to get a better feel for that particular niche.[/toggle] [open_toggle title=”Keyword Research”]

Keyword research is essential for every promotional campaign whether it’s a SEO or Pay Per Click campaign.

It’s crucial to select keywords that we are able to rank for and not just target the most popular keywords of this niche. The aim is to find the perfect balance between keywords that can bring a good amount of traffic to the website but at the same time they are easy to rank and be able to attract people with a strong buying intention. We should do this for the main page, category and content/product pages.[/open_toggle] [open_toggle title=”Web developing support & coding changes (On-Page Optimization)”]

We need to optimize the website in order to be able to “tell” the search engines exactly what keywords we need to rank for in each of the pages of our site. Most of the times, and if you are using a popular CMS, the are not many changes that are needed to be done in your code.

[/open_toggle] [open_toggle title=”Link building (Off-Page Optimization”]Finishing with the website changes, we then move to the link building phase of the project. We are currently using more than 26 link building methods to drive links to the website that we want to promote, depending on the target audience, country  and the niche, ensuring not only that the search engines will give us the value that we need but also that the links will be relevant to the users themselves and achieve a ranking that will not change with future Google Algorithm changes.[/open_toggle]


[open_toggle title=”SEO monitoring & reporting”]Monitoring is essential in order for us to be able to track what changes in our rankings and be able to evaluate our strategy, see what works and what doesn’t, helping us achieve better results. We have tools in order to be able to track keyword changes and help with the evaluation of the SEO campaign.[/open_toggle]