Mobile Marketing Services


Smartphones are changing the way we consume information


martphones have become an essential part of our daily lives and consumers have become increasingly reliant to their devices never leaving home without them. Every business should be looking to include mobile in their marketing strategy in order to benefit from the opportunity of engaging with their customer on the go. Smartphone users are exposed to hundreds of Applications everyday, making the promotion of your app, a necessity.

How we can help your Application perform better:


[open_toggle title=”App engagement / Usability testing”]Before the release, we should check the Application and see if everything is in place. For example if it is an application that can be easily shared by its users, we should incorporate all the social sharing capabilities or if it is frequently used by the user, we should ask them to rate it and so on so forth. It’s essential to have everything in place in order to be able to help your application grow organically.[/open_toggle]


[open_toggle title=”Application promotion”]The most important period in the lifespan of an Application, is it’s first week on the App store. That’s when the chances of going in the first position of free or paid apps is the highest and that’s when we should help it climb the ranks as much as we can. Depending on the budget, we can promote it to multiple mobile advertising networks, increasing its chances of going to the first page, drastically.[/open_toggle]


[open_toggle title=”Conditional Push Notifications”]It’s one thing to be able to send push notifications and another to utilize them effectively. Push notifications are a great way of communication but the way you use it can make a huge difference. If you are able to send customized notifications according to each user’s app usage, you will be able to create a much more engaged audience and help your application grow.[/open_toggle]


[open_toggle title=”App monetization”]Most applications are free but the Freemium business model has been proven to be an amazing way to create revenue. If many people are finding your app useful, we’ll be able to create advanced features and find more things that people could use your application for, helping you add them as in-app purchases and create one more revenue stream. At the same time, we can help you with advertising networks so that you will be able to increase your CPM.[/open_toggle]


[open_toggle title=”Measurement / Optimization”]One of the big problems of application promotion is the change of mediums and not being able to accurately track what medium is the most effective. We can optimize your advertising campaigns and be able to track not only the platform but the conversion rate of your advertising efforts even at the ad level. Being able to track what exactly converts and what not, is one of the most essential things needed for your mobile application to become a business tool for your business.[/open_toggle]