Adwords Services

Google AdWords

Grow your business either locally or globally by displaying your ads on the Google search & display networks.
Search Network:

Search Network:

“Reach your customers right when they are looking for you”

Search network ads are mainly targeted through keywords but can also be targeted through location, device, platform and language.

Display Network:

“Reach your customers when they don’t even know they need you”

Ads in the display network will appear because they are relevant to the subject or content of the website that a user visits and / or in selected websites within Google’s display network.
Users can be targeted in various ways through the display network i.e. using their interests, specific categories, related keywords or using specific sites that we would like to display ads (placement targeting). Ads can be in the format of an image, text or video.

Through the display network it is possible to reach up to 85% of Greek Internet users.